Where can I watch New Life TV?

You can watch New Life TV just about anywhere.  Below is a list of the most popular places you'll find us.

On The Web
Currently you can get New Life TV on any web-enabled device with an internet connection. For the most part, this means desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.  

We're on Roku!  Click  HERE for New Life TV on Roku.

While we don't yet have full support for Chromecast, you can still use it to mirror content from a Chrome browser tab on your device to your TV.

iPhone App
We have an iPhone app you can download and use!  You can search for "New Life TV" on iTunes to find it, or simply click this link below: 

Where You Cannot
Unfortunately, New Life TV is NOT available as a traditional TV channel through over-the-air, satellite, or cable networks.  Also, New Life TV is not a podcast, and therefore cannot be downloaded or listened to through your music player.  Additionally, it should be noted that some SmartTVs may not be compatible with our website.  However, TVs may be used as a display device when connected directly to your computer, such as through an HDMI or DVI cable.  Other technologies to display content to your TV, such as Apple AirPlay, may also be used.

We have heard from many of you about which devices you'd like to be able to use to watch New Life TV.  If you'd haven't already done so, feel free to share with us what platform or device you'd like us to support.  Send your feedback to:

We are listening!

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