What is "Community"?

There is a neat feature on the site that we call "Community".  "Community" is a way for you to come closer together with others subscribers by posting a thought or an image.  Posting a thought or uploading a photo can be done by subscribers only, and can only be seen by subscribers as well.


In order to post a thought or question, you must first make sure you are signed in.  Once signed in, click the Pencil icon located in the lower right corner of the window.  A dialog will appear and you can begin entering text.  The dialog will show how many words will be viewable as the caption (or heading) of the thought.  


To post an image, click on the the camera icon in the lower right.  Currently, we allow you to upload any of the following image types:  JPG, PNG, or GIF.  Please note that animated GIFs are not supported.  All images will be resized or cropped as necessary to ultimately fill an 800x450 pixel resolution image (16:9 aspect ratio).  The preview pane will show you how your image will be cropped if necessary.  You should also include a caption to describe it.


To post a video, click on the the video camera icon in the lower right. There will be a big UPLOAD VIDEO button on the screen: press it, and select the video to upload from your computer or phone's video galley.  You should also include a caption to describe it.


Once you've posted something, you cannot edit it in place.  Should you wish to change or modify something, you must simply delete it first, then create it again.  To find all of your content, go to your Account Profile page by clicking on your sign-in name at the top of the page.  Then off to the left, you will find a link with the number of contributions listed.  Click the link to be taken to a page containing a list of your contributions.  Select the post you wish to delete, then click "Delete Content".  You will be asked to confirm this action.


While we don't expect it to happen often, should you find someone's post to be inappropriate or objectionable, you may flag it by clicking "Flag Content".  You will be prompted to confirm this action.  Flagged content may be re-approved by one of the Community Moderators.

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