How do I redeem my Gift Subscription?

If you have been given a Gift Subscription, you should have received a special code just for you.  Your code will be in the form of:  XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX 

Entering this code will give your account full access to all exclusive content and features.  To redeem your Gift Subscription, follow the easy 3 steps below:

1.  Go to the New Life TV Gift Redeem page:
2.  Then either create an account, or sign in with an existing one.  Create an account by entering your email address, selecting a new password, and clicking " Join".  If you already have an account, click the button that says, "Have an Account?" and sign in.
3.  Once you've created an account or signed in with an existing account, enter your code and click " Redeem".
Once complete, you may immediately begin using the site.  Watch popular videos or search for specific ones!  We hope you enjoy!

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