How do I send in my questions to Steve?

Despite hundreds of videos, covering all kinds of topics, you may find that there isn't a video that addresses something of interest or concern to you.  That's why Steve's devoted a video series to answering your specific questions called "Ask Me Anything".

If you have a subscription to New Life TV, you can submit a question to Steve.  To do this, click the Menu button in the upper left corner.  Then scroll down and click "Ask a Question".  Just fill out the subsequent form and click "Submit".  

Questions submitted will be reviewed that week and may be answered by Steve or one of the hosts of New Life TV, appearing in one of the segments.  Since you will not receive confirmation that your question has been answered, it is recommended that you watch all of the Ask Me Anything videos that week to see if yours was answered.

Should you wish to remain anonymous from anyone else watching the video, you may provide a false name.  The email address you provide, however, should be your valid email address.  Your email address will not be disclosed on-air, and will only be used to contact you should we need further information to answer your question or to send you literature related to your question.

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